A Meditation Practise

Creating a regular meditation practice is one of the most helpful things that I have done for my own mental health and spiritual wellbeing. I wanted to share a little bit with you today about some of the ways that I’ve seen meditation benefit my own life, and the lives of those I hold dear. I’ve also got some ideas for you if you want to bring this practice into your own life.

We all sense energy, but I am particularly sensitive to it. It can be draining, at times, to be so connected to the energy of those around me. I have to have self-care practices in place that rejuvenate me, and allow me to connect back to my own energy source when other people’s energy overwhelms. If you, too, are an energetically sensitive person or an empath you might notice this as well. Even if you don’t think of yourself as energetically sensitive, you probably identify with the feeling of being drained by those around you, or being overwhelmed by energy that “comes out of nowhere” or otherwise doesn’t feel like your own.

Meditation offers a retreat from the energy of the outside world, which can often be negative, dark, or just overwhelming. It gives us a chance to connect with pure, higher energy which cleanses my own energetic field, and can do the same for you. Mindfulness meditation also releases stress, and allows me to embrace myself as I am. Meta meditation helps me to create and send loving vibes to myself and to the world at large, and that type of healing is sorely needed in this day and age. Just take a look at the news, or an internet comments section and you’ll see how much we are in need of more peace and love in this world.

But how do you create a meditation practice? Getting started is incredibly easy, unlike many hobbies or practices you don’t need any tools to get started. There are some things that are nice to have, but all you truly need is a bit of time.

Start small, and don’t put pressure on yourself. Meditation is not sitting in perfect stillness, holding lotus pose with a completely empty mind for hours on end. Instead, it’s simply an invitation from yourself, to yourself to be present in the moment and focus on the thing you want to cultivate--peace, happiness, energetic clarity, lovingkindness. All of these things can be found on the meditation cushion.

Guided meditations are a great way to get started, it’s like having a map to your meditation session. For those of you who feel a little anxious about getting started, following guided meditations is one way to quiet the voice that keeps popping up with “Am I doing this right?” or “How long should I keep at it?” There are a tonne of apps and websites where you can find guided meditation audios for no or little money.

When starting a meditation practice, it’s great to create a space in your home or room that is dedicated to meditation. An entire meditation room might be too extravagant for most of us, who can’t afford to give up that amount of real-estate, but a cozy corner in a bedroom or family room can give you the focus you need. When you go to your meditation corner and sit upon your cushion or mat, you tell yourself that this time--meditation time--is different from the rest of your day-to-day life. This can put you in a great frame of mind for success.

Your meditation space can make use of crystals for energy direction, or singing bowls that create the correct divine sounds. These things serve as talismans and reminders on where our focus should be mentally, and how our energy should be directed. They’re not necessary, though they can help. You can wear crystal jewelry from Gaia Boheme to help you during meditation as well, just select crystals that have an affinity with the intentions that you are setting during meditation.

But, in truth, all of these are add-ons. To create a successful meditation practice, you only need two things: grace and patience. Creating a meditation practice takes time. Your first meditation will not result in a skies-opening-angels-singing enlightenment. Some people notice changes right away, and for some it takes time. Everyone has their own individual journey, and you cannot compare yours to mine, or to anyone else’s. So be patient.

And show yourself grace. No one, from the greenest newbie to the most devoted ascetic monk is perfect in their meditation practice, no matter how long they’ve been at it, or how much time and energy they’ve devoted. Trying too hard in meditation is like trying to grasp water: as soon as you try to close your hand on it, it will slip through your fingers. The beauty of meditation is not in how perfectly you can do it, but that in simply devoting yourself to the process you will reveal yourself further, and find insights and lessons that you cannot find outside this sacred container.

Namaste and happy meditating, loves!