May Full Moon

I hope everyone is feeling amazing as we move into the late days of May and into June. Days are getting shorter here, and the Solstice is just under a month away. During this time, I always feel drawn energetically inwards, I like to try and stay in sync with the Earth’s energies by spending more time in meditation and self-reflection, and in getting quiet and listening to the messages I receive from the energies around me.

Speaking of which, I want to start making space to share some of the wider energies at play. With the change of seasons, the turn of the astrological wheel, and the waxing and the waning of the moon, there are global energies that everyone is subject to. You may not be aware of them, and they will manifest in a slightly different way for everyone, but the larger themes will tend to resonate with what others are going through. Astrological events may seem remote, but they have a very real effect on our lives.

The cycle of the moon is one such event, as the waxing brings manifestation and fullness, and the waning brings release. The 29th of May brings us the full moon in Sagittarius. This is the sign of the archer, and so the moon’s fullness in this sign creates manifestation energy around the qualities of the sign that it is in.

The energies of Sag are honesty and forthrightness--sometimes to the point of tactlessness; expansiveness and a yearning for growth or change; and a wanderlust and need for travel and exploration. When the moon is full in this sign these traits are emotionally linked, as the moon represents our subconscious and emotional bodies.

The moon in Sagittarius might cause you to need to contemplate the nature of truth. What is your truth? Are there any hard truths that you need to face for yourself--or share with someone else? Is honesty the best policy? Especially connect these questions with your emotional body, not just the physical facts, but how your reactions, perceptions, and judgements are colored by the emotional responses to outside stimuli. What meaning are you giving to perhaps neutral actions or situations?

Examining and questioning these things doesn’t mean your reactions aren’t valid, or that you have to stuff down your feelings because they aren’t real. We live in a world where we are often called to deny our emotional or intuitive energies if we can’t “back them up” with cold, hard, clinical facts. But that line of thinking doesn’t serve us. Of course we need to analyze where we are bringing our emotional reactions into play, and not ascribe motive to other people’s actions based on our emotion. But if something’s bothering you, you don’t have to pretend to be okay just because the person who provoked that reaction didn’t “mean it that way.” Intent doesn’t erase impact, and you should be willing to have an honest and open conversation where each of you is willing to give and take in order to reach a consensus.

Now, because the moon is sextile Mars--the war god and lover of conflict and chaos--don’t expect that every soul-baring conversation will be immediately fruitful, or that everyone who starts an argument with you is doing so in good faith. Be steadfast in your truth, and if there’s no clear resolution, learn to be okay with taking a step back and allowing things to resolve in their own time. That doesn’t mean that bringing the issue to the table was wrong, or even badly timed, it just means that interpersonal relationships are not instant coffee. Sometimes you have to sit in discomfort for a period before the next steps present themselves. Don’t pull away from it, or lie to yourself to keep the peace. If you do, this same problem will resurface at another time, or in another way until you are willing to do the work for real.

This full moon might also bring up desires for exploration and travel. It might be an excellent time to go on a trip, or even just begin to plan your next adventure. Listen to where your heart wants to journey--the message will probably be loud and clear during this time.

All full moons are excellent times to put your crystals out for cleansing and recharging. Make sure that you are careful not to leave fragile or porous crystals out in wet air overnight. Sensitive crystals or jewelry can be charged for a limited time outdoors, or can be placed in a windowsill that receives moonlight.

Crystals that support the current Sagittarius full moon energies are:

Rose Quartz, which helps to calm conflict and foster peace and self love. Turquoise, which provides protective energy, especially to the traveller. It also has a soothing and opening energy for the throat chakra, facilitating truth-telling. Amethyst, which is an excellent all-around healer and facilitator that brings higher chakras into alignment, and provides clear-thinking so that you can reach a deeper level of understanding of the emotional energies that are coming up right now.