Wabi - Sabi

Here at Gaia Boheme, I make every piece by hand, carefully choosing each crystal based on its unique energy and appearance. But that doesn’t mean that I’m looking for complete perfection. Instead, I embrace the concept of Wabi Sabi and I encourage you to do the same.

What is Wabi Sabi? It’s a Japanese phrase that describes the beauty inherent in things that may be imperfect or temporary. Think of a zen garden: a monk carefully placing stones and raking the sand into beautiful patterns and lines. The zen garden he creates is not perfectly aligned and symmetrical. There is not intricate pattern that makes everything fall into place. It is not meticulously planned. Sometimes there is balance in imbalance, and beauty in imperfection, and the concept of Wabi Sabi asks us to seek out beauty that is not permanently and perfectly fixed into place.

Additionally, the scene he creates, no matter how beautiful, is temporary. Wind, rain, the passage of time, or a careless passerby will wreck his work, and tomorrow he will have to do it again. But he doesn’t fret or feel angry. He understands that the thing he has created is beautiful for its allotted time, and then it is time to create or discover new beauty.

Wabi sabi also allows us to find beauty in the imperfect or unconventional. By honoring the natural shapes of the crystals and the electroforming process we embrace the wabi sabi attitude. Is every part of the bangle or crystal completely symmetrical or meticulously planned? No! But that is its beauty. The way that the light catches a facet of the stone can be gorgeous, and it might not have existed if the stone was honed to geometric perfection. Too much fussing with something can obscure the natural beauty that it brings to the table, and create an artificial veneer that loses some of the honest beauty that drew you to it in the first place.

Wabi Sabi also encourages a sort of minimalism. When you embrace wabi sabi, you don’t need to be covered head to toe in jewelry or perfect pieces of clothing. Your home doesn’t need to be intricately designed with a thousand pieces working together to create the atmosphere. Wabi Sabi encourages us to be homey, simple, and to allow things to speak for themselves. Allow yourself to embrace pieces that speak to you, instead of trying to find things that fit into a carefully honed aesthetic. If you select things that feel good when wearing or looking at them, things that are needed, and make you feel happy, then I think you’ll find that you end up with a style that might not be as polished as the magazine pages, but is every bit as beautiful in its way.

Celebrate the beauty of the imperfect. Seek out things that have subtle beauty, and enjoy them for whatever amount of time they wish to give you beauty. Look to your surroundings carefully, and notice the small details that bring light, love, and beauty to your life.