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Aura Quartz Definitions

Aura Quartz is one of the most enchanting stone families, but they are sometimes not well understood. I wanted to bring you some illumination on these gorgeous and powerful stones, because I really adore them and the mystical energy they provide.Aura quartzes are a combination of nature’s gifts and manmade alchemy. Using heat and vaporization, metal dust is bonded to the exterior of quartz crystals--quartz being an amazing healer and a powerful magnifier--this creates a potent combination crystal that has intense, but subtle powers. Aura quartzes vibrate at an uncommonly high frequency, which means that they are strong allies in connecting with the higher self, and integrating our spiritual and physical bodies.There are many types of aura quartz, and each...

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May Full Moon

I hope everyone is feeling amazing as we move into the late days of May and into June. Days are getting shorter here, and the Solstice is just under a month away. During this time, I always feel drawn energetically inwards, I like to try and stay in sync with the Earth’s energies by spending more time in meditation and self-reflection, and in getting quiet and listening to the messages I receive from the energies around me. Speaking of which, I want to start making space to share some of the wider energies at play. With the change of seasons, the turn of the astrological wheel, and the waxing and the waning of the moon, there are global energies that...

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Welcome x

  Hey goddesses and welcome to my personal space, and the new home for more thoughts and inspiration from me, Katie Fields, creator of Gaia Boheme.I have been honoured and privileged to work with so many beautiful souls creating energetically charged jewelry through Gaia Boheme. But more and more I hear from my lovely customers who want to better understand the energy of the work that I’m creating, and how it can impact them and build their connection with themselves, their energetic field, with Mother Gaia (Earth), and with Spirit. These are beautiful and important questions, and I’ve opened up a space on my site to write about this, in the hopes it can support and to give insights into...

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