Peacock Ore & Clear Quartz - GaiaBoheme
Peacock Ore & Clear Quartz - GaiaBoheme
Peacock Ore & Clear Quartz - GaiaBoheme
Peacock Ore & Clear Quartz - GaiaBoheme
Peacock Ore & Clear Quartz - GaiaBoheme

Peacock Ore & Clear Quartz

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Peacock Ore, Clear Quartz with Crushed Pyrite

Among the many benefits of Peacock Ore is the grounding of excess nervous energy, allowing the body and mind to release stress related emotions which in turn cause an imbalance throughout the body. Being aligned from the inside out provides choices not available when you are out of alignment. It brightens the spirit balances the chakras and encourages authentic self expression.

Clear Quartz is a powerful cleanser, transmuting negative energy and uplifting the spirit. It also acts as an amplifier, multiplying the potential of the birthstone.

Pyrite is a very grounding stone and draw the gifts into your day to day life.

The three stones work as a trinity to activate the gifts, restore the body and mind and ground all this yummy energy.

Every piece I create is one-of-a-kind. Crafted with intention from carefully chosen precious stones from all over the world.
The stones are then mounted on 18K Gold Plated, Rose Gold plated or 925 Silver Plated bangles.
Each piece is handmade to order in Australia and utilising my skills as a reiki master and crystal intuitive are also energetically programmed. Each piece is unique to its wearer and designed to support the individual on their present journey.

•Stone surface is approximately 4cm in length (from beginning of the first stone to the end of the last stone on the setting)

• Precious stones around 1cm Quartz is around 2cm with the exception of some custom pieces.

• Sizes- The bangles come in Small, Medium & Large.

*Wabi Sabi 'Finding, Accepting and Celebrating the beauty in the imperfect.' *

All the pieces are natural so they have quirks and could possess minor inherent flaws/imperfections which adds to their uniqueness and beauty. Size and colour may vary slightly due to individuality.

Your piece is delicate and to ensure it's longegevity will need to be kept dry and treated with love. It is normal for some pyrite dust to flake over time.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :).
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