About Us

Gaia Boheme is a Bohemian Luxe Jewellery Line by Australian designer Katie Fields.


Through the ages sacred adornments have been worn to capture the inner essence of their wearer. Jewellery is an extension of self and expresses your inner magic to the outer world. From crystal to craft this is the focus for Gaia Boheme.

Each piece is designed to ignite the sacred within and support women in all aspects of their journey. Our intention is to create powerful pieces that inspire and act as a tangible reminder of the innate beauty, power, wisdom and divinity that resides within all of us.        


Gemstones help heal, align and balance a person through resonance. Everything has a field or energy surrounding it, when a person connects with a crystal (or wears it) the vibration of the crystal effects the energy of the person consequently altering the person's frequency to potentially vibrate in harmony with the positive attributes and healing of the stones.


Each piece is handcrafted and each stone is personally & intentionally selected. Utilising my skills as a Reiki Master I infuse the stones with Reiki energy. Reiki is a subtle vibrational healing modality that works with life force/prana energy to support the wearer to heal, align and balance the energy systems essentially guiding the person back to their natural state of wellbeing.


The bracelets are a combination of unique raw precious stones and crystals sourced from all over the world and mounted on 18K Gold electroform Plated or 925 Silver electroform Plated bangles they are then sealed with crushed pyrite.

Each piece is unique to its wearer and emits a signature frequency specific to you. 

 Thank you for connecting and being a part of the Gaia Boheme Tribe