The Magic Of Essential Oils

Essential oils have unique energetic frequencies that can powerfully heal on all levels

I have used essential oils personally my whole life. My mum is an aromatherapist and our medicine cabinet, household & personal care products, everything really were all created from oils. 
She is like a modern day witch & her business was creating magical concoctions to support people’s mental, spiritual, emotional and spiritual bodies & I watched throughout my childhood the magic that unfolded from these sacred blends. Looking back it was incredible to be immersed in such an enchanting world but at the time it was just really normal.Her ability to connect with the energy within elements of the natural world flowed on to me.

I have used oils as tools for many years through the jewelry programming process but am now very excited to be weaving in a new way where you will be able to purchase the oils and work with them too. Oils compliment crystals so well because they carry these amazing energetic signatures like crystals but are a bit easier to integrate and assimilate within the system on a conscious level because they are interpreted by our sense of smell (really potent) so they ground that energy quickly as it directly hits the brain and those neurotransmitters. 
I am really excited about this because I am also so passionate about supporting wellness empowerment and oils are such a cost effective, accessible and easy way to take back your wellness super powers and make big changes in your life.
I have created a short video that will fast track harnessing your wellness superpowers and you can access it below  (it will ask for your email address and this is so I can send you the resources/recipes etc from the video)
It breaks down what oils are, why everyone needs to know about them, some information on some of the key oils, how to use them and easy recipes to try yourself. You will also get the opportunity to have a free discovery call/email where I we can connect and find the best oils for you. Everyone I chat with also receives a spritzer I send out in the mail.

I have partnered with an amazing company that are so ethical, so committed to bringing the highest quality oil with the highest potency and are doing everything they can to bring these powerful oils mainstream. There is also a very unique, very potent, female tribe of supportive and extraordinary women with a /when one rises we all rise' ethos. It in itself is something so special and rare and something I am so proud to be a part of.
When you join my little family you receive the 25% off all orders and it’s completely free to join when you order an enrolment kit or just $35 without a kit. With the kit you also get a welcome pack from me (valued at $100) that includes a diffuser necklace, starter pack with bottles/crystals/florals, 2 bottles of the personalised, energetically programmed power sprays and a 50% voucher to use in the Gaia Boheme shop.
Once enrolled you will also have access to the Facebook groups, a wealth of knowledge on how to use the oils, amazing recipes and powerful tools as well as free mentorship and training with me if you’d like to create a business out of this yourself.
This is my direct site below and it will you give details on exactly how to join with me 

A little about the business side of Do Terra because it’s something that really excites me and i'll tell you why 
This can be turned into a full time, work on your own schedule, travel the world, stay home with the kids kind of business. Not just for one or two people for everyone reading this.
I started Gaia Boheme when I had my first son and it was because I wanted to stay home with him. It was challenging and there was a lot of failure. I’m so grateful for the experience because I learned tons about myself but I had this vision of ‘I’m going to make this easier for people’ I didn’t know how but it was something that really stuck and I thought about it a lot mostly in those moments of epic failure lol.
We are living in a world where what we want to do is just considered a dream rather than a plan, like it’s unrealistic to expect we can have the life we want. I feel so sad about it because then all these bright, unique lights in the world start dimming as those sparkly parts of self lose hope and are shut off. Throughout the years I have had the privilege of working with so many amazing souls and something that often arises in one way or another is people aren’t living out their full potential, stuffing and stifling their truckload of radiance into a suitcase and expending all their energy holding it shut which leads to depression, anxiety, boredom, numbness or it manifests physically. It’s like the Marianne Williamson quote ‘it is our light not our darkness that most frightens us’. I think it’s time we all open the suitcase and start shining because absolutely everyone that is reading this has a unique and magic spark that is so different to everyone else’s and you are the key that will unlock the door for someone else and it is you alone. They are waiting for your unique brand of brilliance to activate them.
I have been searching for the last year to find a vehicle in which people can feel safe and comfortable to do that and Do Terra is it! It empowers you health, wealth and your soul signature. There is numerous trainings we offer in my team depending on how you’d like to run the business (workshops/online/social media) and when you join ($35 or enrolment kit) you are automatically eligible to join these and jumpstart your new life frequency.
If you’d like to have a chat with me about this we can set up a call. Just email me at and we can organise it